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Can I use my existing Cruiser vs Cruiser XL accessories?

2-Seat Cruisers (Cruiser and Cruiser City) and 4-Seat Cruisers (Cruiser XL and Cruiser City XL) are different dimensions so  2-seat Cruiser accessories are not compatible with 4-seat Cruiser Accessories and vice versa. Cup Holders, Cargo Nets, and Si

What is the weight limit when using the Switchback Seat on the Cruiser?

When using a Switchback Seat on any Cruiser with the Switchback Adapter for Cruiser, the weight limit of the Switchback Seat is 40 pounds.

What Infant Car Seats are compatible with my Cruiser?

Veer has designed all of its Cruisers to accept the most popular infant car seats from many great brands. You can find a current list here.

What is the height of the Cruiser handle bar?

All Veer Cruisers were designed for moms and dads of all heights. The telescoping handlebar is adjustable in length and height. The maximum length of the handlebar when fully extended for Cruisers is 31", and from the floor to the top of the handleba

Can I buy Veer Cruisers and Accessories on Ebay?

Veer Cruisers and accessories sold on eBay are not sold by Authorized Veer Dealers. As a result, we cannot confirm their authenticity and these products will not be covered by our Limited Warranty. If you have questions about Authorized Retailers, pl

Is the Veer Cruiser available on Amazon?

Yes, the Veer Cruiser and accessories are sold on Amazon. Veer Cruisers is the only authorized seller on Amazon US. Several of our authorized retailers sell on Amazon in Canada. To receive the limited warranty, the Cruiser must be purchased from an a

Can I use my Veer Cruiser at Disney?

As of May 1, 2019, Disney changed their Stroller Rules and the Veer Cruiser is not permitted in the parks. You can find the most up-to-date information here.

How should I clean my Cruiser after beach use?

We like to remind beach loving families about the following cleaning recommendations to remove salt water and sand. While all Cruisers are made for getting dirty, good cleaning and maintenance will keep it operating smoothly. Hosing down Cruiser is r

Can I jog or run with the Veer Cruiser?

Although Veer Cruisers are very versatile, it was not designed for jogging or running.  For this purpose, we recommend the Switch&Jog.

How much height is between the seat and the top of the Retractable Canopy?

The height between the bottom of the passenger seat and the canopy bow is 24".

Can 2 canopies be used on the Cruiser?

Yes, a canopy can be used for each passenger seat.

Can multiple infant car seats be used in the Cruiser at the same time?

The Cruiser can accommodate one infant car seat with adapter.  A passenger may ride seated in the second seat at the same time.

Can I purchase replacement parts for my Cruiser?

Yes, various replacement parts are available on our website. [LINK]. If you see something that is not listed, feel free to chat or email us. [LINK]

How do I clean my Veer Cruiser?

Veer Cruisers are designed to get dirty and is easy to clean. Refer to the Cruiser instruction manual for specific care instructions.  Click here for all instruction manuals for Cruiser products. Please note that some harsh detergents such as Dawn Po

Where can I store the Snack and Drink tray when it is not in use?

The Snack and Drink can be stored in the Rear Basket.

How do I attach the rear basket?

Refer to the Instruction Manual for specific attachment instructions.  Here is a link to all instruction manuals for Cruiser products.

How do I attach the Retractable Canopy?

Refer to the Instruction Manual for specific attachment instructions.  Here is a link to all instruction manuals for Cruiser products.

How do I attach an Infant Car Seat Adapter?

Refer to the Instruction Manual for specific attachment instructions. Click here for access to all instruction manuals for Cruiser products.

Can I remove the foot well tray?

Yes. Simply stand your Veer Cruiser upright and unscrew the 4 screws under the tray. You may also clean the tray while it is attached. There is a drain under the tray.

Is the Veer Cruiser easy to travel with?

Yes!  Unlike most double strollers, Cruisers can be run through most TSA scanners without having to go through special security lines. You may need to remove the rear tires using their one-touch feature for it to run through a security X-ray screener

How can my infant ride in the Veer Cruiser?

Most major brands of infant car seats can attach using an Infant Car Seat Adapter, so even the youngest family members can enjoy the ride along with their older siblings. The Veer Cruiser is built to last so you'lll see more than children riding in t

Can I use my Veer Cruiser in the snow?

Because the Cruiser can be pulled, it makes it much easier to navigate uneven terrain like beaches, snow or trails. Here is one of our favorite snow / winter reviews on Facebook:. “You have to try this product! Even if you aren’t a stroller family, y

Where are Veer Cruisers manufactured?

Veer Cruisers and accessories are designed in our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and are manufactured at one of the most exacting child mobility manufacturers in China and Vietnam under strict quality control measures.

Do any accessories come with the Veer Cruiser?

All Veer Cruisers come equipped with 2 Cup Holders (up to 6 can attach) and a Drink & Snack Tray. Many other accessories are available to customize your ride.

Will the Cruiser's tires need to be filled with air?

All Veer Cruiser tires are made of 100% polyurethane so they are long lasting, rugged, do not require air and are lightweight.

Do you offer different colors of side walls?

Yes.  Veer offers a wide assortment of solid and patterned sidewalls and canopies to customize your Cruiser.

Do you make a toddler seat?

Yes, the Comfort Seat for Toddler is designed to provide extra support for babies that no longer sit in an infant car seat. It is designed for passengers in the 6 -18 month stage.

Do you make an insect shield?

A bug net is included with our Nap System or is available separately.  It can be zipped in to a Retractable Canopy.

Can the Veer Cruiser be used for in home sleeping?

Veer Cruisers and Nap Systems is not intended for overnight sleeping.

Can my child lay flat in the Veer Cruiser?

Yes, when using our Nap System. The Nap System turns Cruiser into a JPMA safety certified Bassinet, making it the ultimate rest stop or changing station for infants. In Bassinet mode, it is suitable from birth until your infant pushes up on their han

Does the Veer Cruiser offer sun protection?

A Retractable Canopy to shade each seated passenger is available separately.

How much does the Veer Cruiser weigh?

All Veer Cruisers have been carefully designed to balance premium materials and features.  2-Seater Cruisers weigh 32.5 pounds and 4-Seater Cruisers weigh 37.4 lbs.  Both weigh less than most double strollers.

Can the Veer Cruiser fit in my car?

One of the favorite aspects of a Cruiser is how compact and lightweight it is.  All Veer Cruisers are designed to fold very compactly and fit in even a small car trunk. You can simply fold down seat backs, sides and handle for easy transportation or

Does the Veer Cruiser fold?

Yes, you can quickly fold down seat backs, sides and handle for easy storage in a small car trunk, or stand it upright to store conveniently in a closet or corner of a garage. To make your Cruiser even more compact, itswheels can be removed and the f

Do the seats have safety restraints?

Yes.  As a general rule, each passenger seat has a 3-point safety harness.  2-Seat Cruisers have 2, and 4-seat Cruisers have 4.

Does the Veer Cruiser have real seats?

Yes. Cruiser. The Veer Cruiser has seats for 2 passengers, each with a 3-point harness. A footwell provides added comfort. Cruiser XL. The Veer Cruiser XL has seats for 4 passengers, each with two 3-point harness. A footwell provides added comfort.

What ages can ride in the Veer Cruiser?

Veer Cruisers are designed to last many years and accommodate growing families, providing a safe and fun ride for up to two passengers in Cruiser or up to four passengers in Cruiser XL, ages 0-5+ years. Most major brands of infant car seats can attac

Is the Veer Cruiser safe?

Veer Cruisers are designed, manufactured and rigorously tested for safety. The Veer Cruiser is the first in its class to meet all ASTM stroller safety standards and be JPMA certified.  It also meets or exceeds SOR (Canada) safety standards and EN1888

My Retractable Canopy Won't Stay On My Cruiser

Our canopy is designed to create a tight, secure fit on Cruiser and does take some attention to properly attach it. We have included some tips below in reference to the Retractable Canopy attaching to your Cruiser. Here is a quick video so you can se

I have twin infants. Can the Cruiser accommodate them?

Although the Cruiser is designed for 2 passengers, it only accommodates one infant car seat at a time (with use of an adapter). However, we do also offer a Toddler Comfort Seat [LINK]

What can the Travel Bag for Cruiser carry?

The Travel Bag for Cruiser and Travel Bag for Cruiser XL is designed to accommodate the basic Cruiser setup:  Cruiser or Cruiser XL, Cup Holders (placed in footwell), Snack Tray, and the two Front Swivel Wheels which are designed to fit snugly in the

Can I exceed the weight capacity of the Cruiser?

The Cruiser is designed for 2 passengers and has a weight capacity of 55 lbs per seat or 110 pounds in total.  The Cruiser XL is designed for 4 passengers and has a weight capacity of 55 lbs per seat or 220 pounds in total. Unfortunately we cannot re

Can Cruiser accommodate triplets?

The Veer Cruiser is designed for 2 passengers, with 2 built-in seats and 2 safety harnesses. The Cruiser XL is designed for 4 passengers, with 4 seats and 4 safety harnesses.  It's perfect for triplets (and more!).

Can coolers fit in the Folding Storage Basket?

Yes indeed!. Cruiser. Our Storage Basket can hold a Yeti Hopper Flip 12 or equivalent (12.625" L x 10" W x 11.5" H) and smaller. The depth (extending back from the Cruiser, not the depth towards the ground) is 9". The width is variable. The smallest

Can I use my Veer Cruiser on the beach?

In our testing, and based on the feedback we receive from families, sand performance for Cruiser is generally great. Why?  Things that pull do better on soft terrain. On hard packed sand, Cruiser pushes or pulls well, even when loaded up. When sand i

I need help installing my custom Cruiser Sidewall?

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your Veer sidewall kit.  We are happy to help!. The Sidewalls do take a little bit of work to replace as they have a specific way to be installed so that accessories (like a Canopy) work properly. Here is a

My Infant Car Seat is stuck on our adapter.

The car seat should have a stroller release which would release your car seat from our adapter. We suggest referring to your car seat manual for the location of the stroller release on your car seat. Some car seats have a secondary stroller release l

Is the nap system a real bassinet?

Yes indeed.  Veer's Nap System meets or exceeds global bassinet safety standards (ASTM, SOR and EN1888-2) and as a result safely turns your Cruiser into a JPMA safety-certified Bassinet.  It's the ultimate rest stop or changing station for young ones

How many cup holders can I attach to my Cruiser?

You can attach up to 6 Cup Holders simultaneously on your Cruiser.  The Cruiser comes standard with 2.  You can also purchase additional cup holders in sets of 2 through this link.

Will a Switchback Seat attach to my Cruiser?

Yes it will.  The Switchback Seat Adapter for the Cruiser is required to attach your Switchback Seat to your Cruiser.

Hanging items from Cruiser Handlebar

We built the Cruiser handle to manage heavy loading in push/pull but there are handle storage limits for the stability of the Cruiser. We recommend that bags should be carried in the rear basket or inside the Cruiser.  The handlebar could accommodate

Do I need to tighten my handle?

If the handle bar of your Cruiser will not stay at the desired height, the lock may need to be tightened. The tension on the handlebar height lock is actually adjustable. It works just like the seat of a bike. Turn the dial on the lock to the desired

Can Cruiser be taken off road?

All Cruisers are designed for those who like to take the paths less traveled. Our tires are made of 100% polyurethane so they are long lasting, rugged, do not require air and are lightweight. The front swivel wheels offer comfort and suspension. Whil

The Tabs on my Cargo Net Won't Stay In Place

If the tabs on your cargo net won't securely mount, there are two potential reasons.

Can I use Cruiser or Cruiser XL accessories with Cruiser City and Cruiser City XL?

Most Cruiser accessories are compatible with Cruiser City, and most Cruiser XL accessories are compatible with Cruiser City XL. There are two exceptions. Foldable Storage Baskets. Because the swivel wheels could interfere with our Foldable Storage Ba

Should I choose All-Terrain Cruiser or Cruiser City?

Great question! It's entirely about your usage preference. They are both equally capable and all-terrain, all season. If you plan to spend a lot of time tackling uneven terrain, going off road and up hills, then the All-Terrain Cruiser will be your b

Can my Cruiser City pull?

Cruiser City and Cruiser City XL are optimized for pushing, but can be pulled on demand by lowering the handle to navigate uneven terrain, hills and curbs.  Then, when you're ready to push again, just move the handle into its upright position, let it