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I need help installing my custom Cruiser Sidewall?Updated a year ago

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your Veer sidewall kit.  We are happy to help!

The Sidewalls do take a little bit of work to replace as they have a specific way to be installed so that accessories (like a Canopy) work properly.  

Here is a link to the Sidewall Instruction Manual for your quick reference to this email.  It is also super helpful to watch this Sidewall Installation video demonstration and pause throughout as you go through the process on your own.

We have also provided some additional tips below that may help make it easier.

Tips when Removing a Sidewall Panel

When removing the Sidewall it helps to unsnap the bottom rail if you lay the sidewall down as ou would when you fold Cruiser.

Make sure you flip the sidewall panel up and over the outside of the Cruiser as you feed the sidewall out of the channel.

Tips when Installing a Sidewall Panel

There is a left and a right sidewall panel.  Make sure the Veer logo is closest to the larger rear wheels.

Flip the sidewall panel upwards and make sure the mesh pockets are facing to the outside of the Cruiser.

We recommend always helping to gently slide the sidewall through the channel versus just pulling.

Please follow the instructions provided which should get you back to smooth cruising quickly with your custom Cruiser!

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