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How should I clean my Cruiser after beach use?Updated 6 months ago

We like to remind beach loving families about the following cleaning recommendations to remove salt water and sand. While all Cruisers are made for getting dirty, good cleaning and maintenance will keep it operating smoothly.

Hosing down Cruiser is recommended after use. Remove the accessories and wheels before you hose with fresh water. Let the Cruiser and wheels completely air dry before reassembly.

Use a soft brush to gently brush sand from Cruiser parts and cycle the components until the sand is ejected and the components cycle freely. 

Use of compressed air while pushing brake pins in and out with your finger (they are spring loaded) will help to eject any sand that may be in brake pin housing. (The brake pin is located where the big rear wheels insert). A dry silicone-based lube can be used.  DO NOT use WD40.

Pressing the front swivel wheel release button with the wheels removed will help eject sand that may get caught in the housing.

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