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My Retractable Canopy Won't Stay On My CruiserUpdated 14 days ago

Our canopy is designed to create a tight, secure fit on Cruiser and does take some attention to properly attach it. We have included some tips below in reference to the Retractable Canopy attaching to your Cruiser.

  • Locate the second peg from the seat back. This is your indication of where your canopy is designed to mount and click into place.
  • The clamps require a bit of force to "click" onto the frame. Once you hear that snap, you'll know that the canopy is fully secured onto the Cruiser and it should not fall off at any time until it's unclamped. Don't worry about pressing harder than you think the clamp can handle—you really can't press too hard.
  • If you hear a "click" but the Canopy is still not staying in place, please check under the frame to confirm that the clamp is connected with the peg. If there is still space between the peg and the clamp the Canopy, is not yet correctly attached. Here is a helpful picture of the clamp when properly connected with the peg.

Here is a quick video so you can see it in action at the 00:05 mark.

Also, if you have recently removed your Sidewalls, please double check that the sidewalls on your Cruiser are not currently overlapping the Cruiser's top rail and covering the Canopy alignment pins under the frame.

How Do I Correct This?

Here is a video of how to properly install a Sidewall Kit.  

We hope this information helps, but if you have additional issues or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are happy to help!

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