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What can the Travel Bag for Cruiser carry?Updated a year ago

The Travel Bag for Cruiser and Travel Bag for Cruiser XL is designed to accommodate the basic Cruiser setup:  Cruiser or Cruiser XL, Cup Holders (placed in footwell), Snack Tray, and the two Front Swivel Wheels which are designed to fit snugly in the top zipper pocket. Here is a video of it in action or check it out on

Also note that the Travel Bag for Bassinet and Cruiser Accessories is a nice complement to the Travel Bag for Cruiser in that it accommodates a variety of additional Cruiser accessories like Retractable Canopies, Infant Car Seat Adapters and Foldable Storage Baskets.

We have considered a bag that carries everything in one bag, but it becomes larger and bulky to handle. Families traveling with extra accessories usually pack them in another bag and place them in the overhead compartment when flying with their Cruiser.

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