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Can you recline the Switchback Seat when it's connected to the &Chill camp seat adapter?

Yes, by all means.  It can be used in with the &Chill adapter in all recline positions.

Can the Infant Soft Insert be used on the Cruiser seat too or is it only compatible with the Switchback Seat?

The Infant Soft Insert is only compatible with the Switchback Seat. For your Cruiser, we recommend the Comfort Seat for Toddlers.

Do you have to remove the Switchback Seat in order for the &Roll or &Jog to fold down?

No.  Either frame can be folded with one Switchback Seat attached.

Can I use my Switch&Roll or Switch&Jog at Disney?

Yes, both the &Roll and &Jog frames are considered a "stroller" under Disney guidelines, when paired with a Switchback Seat (or two), an infant car seat or a Veer bassinet.

Does the Switchback Seat recline to full lay flat? Or close to full lay flat?

The Switchback Seat reclines to a near lay flat level. This last recline position was designed to be comfortable for resting.  In this position, the calf support can be extended to match the seat bottom's angle, or to a level even with the ground, de

Is there any way to have attached a Switchback Seat AND still have both Cruiser seats available?

Well, sort of. For this purpose, we'd recommend a 4-seat Cruiser XL and the Cruiser XL Adapter for a Switchback Seat.  This would provide seating capacity of 3 (2 on one bench of the Cruiser XL and 1 in the Switchback Seat).

How does the Switchback Seat connect to the Cruiser?

The Switchback Seat connects to your 2-Seater or 4-Seater Cruiser using the Switchback Adapter for Cruiser, which is similar to Veer's infant car seat adapters for Cruisers.

Can the Switchback Seat be used on the Cruiser with an infant car seat as well?

Yes, it sure can.  You can attach a Switchback Seat with a Cruiser Adapter for Switchback Seat simultaneously with your infant car seat with an Infant Car Seat Adapter on any Cruiser model.

Can you recline the Switchback Seat when it's connected to the Cruiser?

Yes, the Switchback Seat can be used in any of its recline positions when attached to any Cruiser model using the Cruiser Adapter for the Switchback Seat. When in recline positions, please note that the seat might interfere with the comfort of the se

Does the Switchback Seat have the capability to be forward or rear facing?

Yes, the Switchback Seat is designed to be front or rear facing on either the &Roll or &Jog frames, or even when connected to the Cruiser or Cruiser XL using the Cruiser Adapter for Switchback Seat.

What accessories are compatible to use with the &Roll or &Jog?

The Switchback System is designed to be modular, and serve your family's needs over many years. All Switchback accessories (other than the Second Seat Adapter Kit) are compatible with the &Roll and &Jog frames.

What accessories are compatible to use with the Switchback Seat?

The Switchback System is designed to be modular, and serve your family's needs over many years.  All Switchback accessories are compatible across the &Roll and &Jog frames. The Switchback Seat can also be attached to the Cruiser with the Cruiser Adap

How do I clean my Switchback?

One of the best features of the Switchback System is that it was designed to get dirty and be easy to clean. Soft Goods. All softs goods are made to be machine washable and even hose washable. Frames. The frames are all designed to be hose washable.

Can I fold my &Roll frame with car seat adapters attached?

Yes, you can. It was designed with that in mind.

How old should my baby be before they are able to sit in the Switchback seat in the upright position?

Great question.  We always recommend you consult to your child's pediatrician, but typically the age is 6-8 months.  The Infant Insert is a great accessory for this stage of your child's growth.

Do you offer replacement parts for my Switchback System?

Yes, we offer a complete assortment of replacement parts to support use of your Switchback gear over many years. You can find those here or just chat or email us to confirm the parts you may need.

How do I know if the Switchback Seat and &Bike adapter will fit my bike?

The &Bike adapter fits on most bikes.  It is compatible with all universal mount and quick release systems.

Do I need an adapter to attach an infant car seat to the &Roll or &Jog frames?

Yes.  All infant car seats require an adapter to connect properly to the &Roll or the &Jog frames.  The same adapter can be used on either frame.  It is not compatible with the Cruiser or Cruiser XL however; those frames are different geometry and re

Can I attach the Bassinet to the &Jog frame?

Absolutely, yes.  Both the &Roll and &Jog frames were specifically designed to accommodate our Bassinet.

Can I add a second child on the &Jog frame?

No.  The &Jog frame was designed to accommodate one Switchback Seat, infant car seat or Bassinet. If your family needs a frame that can handle two seats, we recommend the &Roll frame. As background, some parents purchase a typical 3-wheel "jogger" be

At what age can I jog with my child with the &Jog frame?

It's so hard for us to know as every child is different.  We recommend you consult with your child's pediatrician to determine what's best for your family.

Can I jog with an infant car seat on the &Jog frame?

No, this is not something we recommend.

Do I need to inflate/pump the tires of the &Jog frame?

Yes, from time to time.  The tires on the &Jog frame are pneumatic to ensure the softest ride possible.

How do I adjust the handlebar height on the &Roll or &Jog frames?

Locate the telescopic handle actuators on the sides of the handle just below the grips. Pull actuators away from the frame and adjust handle as necessary.

How do I recline the Switchback Seat?

Super easy!  Just locate the recline actuator on the "Y" of the seat back. Pull up on the recline actuator and rotate.  The Switchback Seat can recline when on the &Roll, &Jog or &Chill frames.

Can I jog with the Switchback Seat in reclined position on the &Jog frame?

Yes, you can jog with the Switchback Seat in any reclined position as well as in forward or rear facing position, which is a unique advantage of the Switchback System.

What is the handbrake on the &Jog frame used for?

The handbrake provides a quick way to stop or slow down the jogger while running or going downhill.

When do I need to use the wrist strap on the &Jog frame?

The wrist strap should be used while jogging/running for extra safety at faster speeds, going downhill, or while on trails.

When do I need to use the adjustable suspension?

Veer's suspension adjustment is a breeze to use. Just adjust the blue knobs to the desired position. Once you find the right setting for your child, you'll probably only need to adjust it every couple of months as they grow, or more frequently if you

What infant car seats can I use with my &Roll or &Jog frames?

Veer has designed both frames to accept the most popular infant car seats from great brands.  You can find a current list here.

Can I use my Cruiser Basket with the &Roll or &Jog frames?

No, neither the Cruiser nor Cruiser XL Basket is compatible with the new &Roll or &Jog frames.  However, both the &Roll and &Jog frames come with oversized baskets built in to help with large payloads for long adventures.

Can I use my Cruiser Canopy with the Switchback Seat?

No, the new Switchback Seat has its own canopy, which is not compatible with any Cruiser.  Similarly, Cruiser canopies are not compatible with the Switchback Seat.

Can I run with the &Roll frame?

Running is not recommmended with the &Roll frame, but the &Jog frame is designed and engineered as an ultra-terrain jogger with running and jogging in mind.

How do I travel with Switchback?

The Travel Bag for Switchback is recommended for air or rail travel. To take advantage of the wheels on the frames and to cut down on weight, the Travel Bag uses the built in wheels on the &Roll/&Jog frames for easier transport.

What adapters do I need for multiple children on my &Roll or &Jog frame?

First, please reference the chart of approved positions to confirm that your desired combination is approved.  Note that the &Roll frame accepts two seats and the &Jog frame accepts one seat. In general, with the &Roll frame, you would need the Secon

Will the &Roll or &Jog frame fold with the Switchback Seat attached?

Yes, it sure will.  The Switchback Seat should be front facing. For the most compact fold, recline the Switchback Seat to the second most upright position and collapse the calf support.

Will the &Roll and &Jog frames fold with the rear brakes locked?

Yes, both the &Roll and &Jog frames will fold with the rear brakes locked.

How do I remove the shoulder harness strap on the Switchback Seat?

The shoulder harness anchor can be undone from the rear of the Switchback Seat. Push the round anchor of the strap located on the back of the Switchback Seat out of its recess.  Separate the shoulder strap from its anchor.  Feed the strap through the

How do I fold the &Roll frame?

Here is a quick summary for folding with Switchback Seat attached. Here is a quick summary for folding without seat attached. We do not recommend folding the &Roll with two Switchback Seats in place. When using second seat or ICS adapters removing ad

What is the weight limit for the Switchback?

Switch&Roll. The Switch&Roll (which is one or two Switchback Seats on the &Roll frame) has a maximum capacity of 50 pounds in the upper seat and 40 pounds in the lower seat. Switch&Jog. The Switch&Jog (which is the Switchback Seat on the &Jog frame)

Is the Switchback all-terrain like the Cruiser?

The Switchback System was designed from the ground up to be great on all-terrain. Both the &Roll and the &Jog frames have multiple suspension systems on board, larger tires than normal and are hose washable. Aren't 3-wheeled "jogger" frames more all-

Can multiple infant car seats be used on the &Roll or &Jog frame at the same time?

&Roll Frame. The &Roll frame can accept up to two seats with the Second Seat Adapter Kit. You can then use a Switchback Seat and an Infant Car Seat, or two Switchback Seats, or two Infant Car Seats. With each Infant Car Seat used, you would need the

What is Switchback?

Switchback is a modular system that can easily switch into single stroller, double stroller, or jogger stroller, as well as a bike seat, mealtime booster seat and camp chair. The system is built with high performance features, premium comfort, and th

Tuning the Deceleration Brake on &Jog

An advantage of the &Jog frame is that the deceleration brake can be tuned to your preference.  Adjust the left and right barrel adjuster to make the brake more or less sensitive.  Each can be tuned independently, since some left handed users prefer

Do I need to replace a flat tire with a new wheel?

If your tire is damaged we can certainly help with a new wheel, however, if only the innertube is damaged you may replace it on your own. The front wheel requires a 12.5” x 2.25” tube, while the two rear oversized tires require a 16” x 1.75” tube. Re

Is it normal for the Switchback Seat and Infant Car Seat to have movement when attached to the &Roll and &Jog?

Yes!. When you attach the Switchback Seat and/or Infant Car Seat to the &Roll and &Jog frames, you may notice some movement in the connection.  Some describe it as somewhat of a wobble.  This is intended because it facilitates a quicker, easier attac

How do I adjust the steering on &Jog to control wobble?

Controlling the Wobble of the &Jog Swivel Wheel. There are several variables which influence swivel wheel wobble on &Jog such as tire pressure, ground surface, forward speed, and weight distribution.  As such, Veer designed the &Jog swivel wheel with