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Is the Switchback all-terrain like the Cruiser?Updated 2 years ago

The Switchback System was designed from the ground up to be great on all-terrain. Both the &Roll and the &Jog frames have multiple suspension systems on board, larger tires than normal and are hose washable.

Aren't 3-wheeled "jogger" frames more all-terrain than 4-wheeled frames?

In general, yes.  Historically, most 4-wheeled frames were not designed to be taken off road. However, that's where our &Roll frame breaks the rules.  It was designed to be a true all-terrain stroller, with adjustable shocks and oversized tires.  So unless you are going to use your frame for running or jogging, we'd suggest considering the 4-wheeled &Roll frame for off road use especially if you have or are expecting two young children.

Our 3-wheeled &Jog frame is considered an ultra-terrain frame, and is great for jogging and running as well.  Its only limitation is that it is designed to accommodate only one child at a time.

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