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Can Basecamp be used for overnight camping?

Basecamp is designed for day adventures.  It is a JPMA certified play yard but we do not recommend it for overnight excursions.

Is the bottom of Basecamp padded?

We chose not to pad the bottom of Basecamp so it would not be bulky, heavy or difficult to fold. To add cushion, we designed Air Pad.  It is our custom designed self-inflating portable cushion for Basecamp and beyond.

Does Basecamp provide insect protection?

Yes.  Unlike most play yards, Basecamp was designed to be fully enclosed when the zipper door is closed and offers excellent protection from insects.

Is Basecamp Water Proof?

Basecamp is made of durable water-resistant Polyester and mesh.  The bottom is moisture- resistant.  The sun/rain shade is water-resistant.

Does the sun cover have a sun protection rating?

Yes, Basecamp comes with a removable UPF50+ sun cover.

Can I purchase replacement parts for my Basecamp?

Yes, replacement stakes, sandbags, and sunshades are available for purchase at

Can Basecamp be used on the beach?

Yes, Basecamp is perfect for the beach! It includes an UPF50+ removable sun cover. Sandbags are provided, so you can fill them with sand and hang them from Basecamp to keep it secure.

How do I clean the Basecamp and sun cover?

Rinse area to be cleaned thoroughly with clean water and then, using a mild detergent, sponge the area gently. Make sure Basecamp is completely dry before storing.  Do not wash in a machine, use bleach, iron or dry clean.

What is the capacity of Basecamp?

Depending upon the age and size of children, Basecamp can accommodate approximately 2-3 children.

What ages is the Basecamp designed for?

Basecamp is a JPMA certified play yard for infants up to 35 inches, but older children love it as well.

Can I travel with Basecamp on an airplane?

We designed the Basecamp to fold quickly and compactly. It comes with a storage bag that also attaches to the Cruiser but also carries the Basecamp on its own. The length of Basecamp when stored in its storage bag is 35”. While we've not heard of any

My Air Pad Won't Inflate

We are happy to help!   The Air Pad inflates to about 3/4" thick. When you open the top of the valve, it should make a slight hiss as the air flows in. The inflation process can seem rather slow at first. We suggest fully opening the valve (like you

Is the Basecamp treated with flame retardant coatings?

No, it is not treated with flame retardant coatings. Basecamp is an ASTM/SOR and JPMA certified playard and as such the materials meet the flame resistant requirements of ASTM D6413 and CAN/CGSB-182.1-2020. It is inherent in the construction and mate