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Switchback Seat Dampener ReplacementUpdated a month ago



Required Tools

  • #1 Phillips screwdriver or other rod tool with less than 3/16" diameter 


/01:  Rotate the rubber dampener boot so that the holes on each side are aligned to face the side of the seat.

/02:  Insert the screw driver into either one of the boot holes and push the pin inside through the opposite side. You may need to move or stretch the boot a bit to get the pin to align with the exit hole. 

/03:  Pull the frame away from the seatback

/04:  Remove the rubber boot by sliding it off. Notice the orientation of the hole in which the pin will be re-inserted. 

/05:  Replace the rubber dampener boot and re-assemble in reverse order. To reinsert the pin, re-align the boot holes with the sides of the seat and use your fingers to push it through

/06: Once the pin is inside press on both sides until it feels centered. 

/07: Repeat the process on the other dampener assembly.

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