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How do I adjust the steering on &Jog to control wobble?Updated 9 months ago

Controlling the Wobble of the &Jog Swivel Wheel

There are several variables which influence swivel wheel wobble on &Jog such as tire pressure, ground surface, forward speed, and weight distribution.  As such, Veer designed the &Jog swivel wheel with adjustable bearing pre-load so you can fine tune the swivel performance.  

Turning the bolt highlighted below adjusts the bearing pre-load thereby increasing or decreasing the steering friction of the swivel wheel. 


To reduce swivel wheel wobble on &Jog

  1. Hold the swivel wheel to prevent it from rotating (left/right steering).
  2. Using an M6 Hex wrench rotate the bolt clockwise 2-3 revolutions.
    1. The adjuster will hit a hard-stop when the maximum pre-load is attained.  You will feel the hard-stop when the bolt becomes harder to turn.
  3. Test your &Jog to see if the wobble has been resolved.  
  4. If not, repeat steps 2 & 3 until the wobble is eliminated.


Note that reversing the above procedure will reduce steering friction of the &Jog swivel wheel you would like to improve steering responsiveness.


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