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How do I register my Veer item and activate my warranty?

You may activate your warranty and register your Veer Cruiser by clicking this link.


PLEASE REGISTER YOUR PURCHASE (OR RETAIN PROOF OF PURCHASE) TO ACTIVATE YOUR LIMITED WARRANTY. Veer Has You Covered. Your Veer Gear is warranted to be free from any manufacturing defects for a period of 1 or 2 years (depending on the item) from your

Replacement Parts

Veer offers a complete assortment of replacement parts to support use of your Cruiser, Basecamp and Switchback gear over many years.  You can find those here here or just chat or email us to confirm the parts you may need.

Where do I locate the serial number on my Veer item?

The Cruiser and Cruiser XL. On the axel by connecting the large tires of your Veer Cruiser. Switchback Seat. Underneath your Switchback Seat. &Roll and &Jog Frames. On the inside of the right rear leg.  You may need to fold the basket softgoods back

Extended Protection through Clyde

Veer has partnered with Clyde, a best-in-class provider of extended protection for products.  You can purchase extended protection on qualifying Veer products before or after after you complete your checkout. Clyde’s programs enhance your protection