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Payment Methods


Payment Methods

Payment methods vary by destination; you'll see all your options during Checkout.

Affirm, Bread and Pay Tomorrow

On for shipments within the USA, Veer provides easy and affordable financing through multiple partners, so you can pay for your purchase over time in ways to suit your needs. Shop Pay Installments. Shop Pay uses Affirm, and makes special o

How do I use multiple credit/debit cards at checkout?

Thank you for your interest in the Veer Cruiser!  We hope to have you and your family on Team Veer soon!. Unfortunately, our website will only allow you to use one credit/debit card or Visa/Amex/MasterCard Gift Card per order, so if you'd like to use

How do I redeem a Veer Gift Card?

You will have received a gift card voucher code when you purchase (or when someone sent to you) a Veer Gift Card. How to Redeem A Veer Gift Card