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&Jog / &Roll Upper Frame ReplacementUpdated a month ago



Required Tools

  • 2mm hex wrench
  • 3mm hex wrench
  • 4mm hex wrench (x2)
  • Flat head screwdriver


/01:  Place your &Jog or &Roll frame in a semi-folded position as shown. 

For &Roll, move to Step 7.

/02:  (&Jog only) Pry the rear wheel hub cover off with a flat head screwdriver.

/03:  (&Jog only) Remove the pin, then remove the set screw using the 2mm hex wrench. Remove the brake ring and spring. Repeat on the other hub.

/04:  (&Jog only) IMPORTANT! Set aside all components for both hubs shown in a safe place.

/05:  (&Jog only) Align the slot in the barrel adjuster with the slot in the locknut and slide the cable out through the slot.

/06:  (&Jog only) Pull the cable housing out of the cable retainer on the frame.

/07:  Using a 3mm hex wrench on the outside and a 4mm hex wrench on the inside, remove the shock mount bolt to disconnect the top of the shock from the frame.

NOTE: If your shock has a cap like the image below, pry the cap off with the flat head screwdriver to reveal the bolt. This will damage the cap. Please contact Veer for complimentary caps. Remove the bolt using two 4mm hex wrenches.

/08:  Using two 4mm hex wrenches, remove the lower pivot bolt.

/09:  Separate the leg from the upper frame by pulling it away from the frame. Then, remove the lower pivot bushing and set it aside.

/10:  Remove the upper frame from the lower frame by sliding the fold joint out of the lower frame tube.

/11:  Assemble the new handle onto the frame by reversing steps 2- 10 for &Jog, or steps 7-10 for &Roll.

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