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Do you offer savings for military personnel?Updated 2 months ago

Yes, we offer active and veteran service men and women a Military Discount of 15% off your order (excluding any expedited shipping). Thank you for your service!  Begin the process here.

Combining with Other Offers

Please note that other promotional offers cannot be combined with the Military Savings, and Military Savings does not cover replacement or spare parts or open box items.

Shipping to FPO/APO addresses

We are so sorry that we do not currently offer shipping to APO/FPO addresses. We found that orders were not delivering in a reasonable timeframe for the recipient and often went missing.  As an option, some customers will order and send to a family member in the US that can assist in forwarding the packages or to freight forwarding companies like   Another option would be to order through one of our authorized retailers, such as REI, that ships to APO/FPO addresses.

Concerns Over The Information You're Asked To Provide

Military Verification is provided through provides this service for other businesses you may recognize including Sam’s Club and AMC Theaters among many others.

The process is simple and verification can often be done with the last name, date of birth and branch of service. A military verification document may be requested.  Valid documents include those listed.  Alternatively, a military email may be used.  You will never be asked for information such as a social security number or income information.  

Valid Documents:

  • DD-214 (you may block SSN)
  • LES, DFAS or TRICARE Document
  • Veterans Affairs ID or VA Postal Letter
  • USAA Insurance Document
  • Promotion Certificate or Award Certificate
  • Driver's License showing Veteran mark (requires visit to DMV to add it)
  • G.I. Bill Document

You may visit for more information.  Here is a direct link to their data policies page.

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