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Cruiser Sidewall Frame ReplacementUpdated a month ago



Tools Required

  • M8 Hex Socket Wrench with Extender
  • 4mm Hex Wrench
  • White Lithium Grease

Replacement Parts Required

  • Sidewall Frame
  • Sidewall Pivot Assembly


For replacing the sidewall pivots ONLY, skip to steps 5 and 6. 

/01:  Fold the seat backs and sidewalls of the Cruiser down then unsnap the bottom rail of the sidewall fabric panel.

/02:  Use your finger to unclip the sidewall panel insertion piece by reaching underneath the corner of the sidewall and releasing its retention tab. Remove this plug and set aside for reinstallation once your fabric panel has been reinstalled.

/03:  Next, release the J-hooks on each end of the sidewall by grabbing the fabric sidewall panel at its base near the J-hook and pushing away from the center of your Cruiser.

/04:  Raise the bottom of the fabric sidewall panel and slide the panel out of the sidewall frame.

/05:  Using an 8mm socket and a 4mm hex wrench, loosen the bolt at the sidewall pivot towards the front and rear of your Cruiser.

/06:  Remove the nut, washer, spring, and cap with the bolt from each pivot housing then set aside for reinstallation once the new sidewall frame is ready to be installed.

During reinstallation these pieces will need to be reinstalled in a specific order critical to assembly.

/07:  The entire sidewall frame can now be pulled towards the front of the Cruiser and removed.

/08:  Apply a thin layer of silicone grease (or similar) to lubricate the inside surface of the sidewall pivots.

/09:  Reinstall new sidewall frame and assemble the pivot starting with the cap with the bolt, spring, washer, then nut. 

The nut should be tightened until the tip of the nut extends only a couple of millimeters past the housing when seen from above. 

Note: During reassembly, it may be necessary to compress the spring to allow for the nut to go back onto the bolt.

/10:  Reinstall the fabric sidewall panels. 

Make sure you have the correct sidewall panel oriented correctly by verifying the “VEER” logo is located closest to the larger rear wheels of the Cruiser once installed. Gently slide the fabric sidewall panel through the installation slot.

/11:  Clip the J-hooks on each end of the sidewall panel onto the Cruiser’s respective sidewall.

/12:  Snap the bottom rail of the sidewall fabric panel to the Cruiser and reinsert the sidewall panel insertion piece.

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