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Canada ShippingUpdated 4 months ago

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Why Isn't Canada a Shipping Option on

In Canada, Veer sells its products through trusted network of highly respected boutiques and department stores.  Our Store Locator can help you find one in your area. 

Many of these retailers also have online stores and offer free shipping.  A couple stores to consider are West Coast Kids, Snugglebugz and Dear Born Baby.  

Replacement Parts

Veer does ship replacement parts direct to you in Canada.  You'll see the Canada shipping option available to you when you only have replacement parts in your cart.

Canada Replacement Orders Must Ship Complete

We must assess duties and taxes on orders shipped to Canada, even for replacement parts.  Given the way duty and taxes are submitted and accounted for, it is necessary for us to ship all international orders complete.  For that reason, if there are backordered items on your order, your entire order will ship once all items are in stock.  

If you are in need of In Stock items sooner, we recommend placing an order for those In Stock items on one order, and a separate order for backordered items.

Ship Timing for an order with an Out of Stock or Pre-Order Item(s)

Because we must ship international orders complete, if you purchase an out of stock or pre-order item, your order will be delayed.  The dates you see in "New Orders Ship XX/XX" messages reflect the latest update from our logistics team as of midnight the prior evening.  Every day, we update those dates on the site to reflect the latest information.  We also update your order in your account to show you when we expect to ship your item, based on the latest information from midnight the prior evening.  Finally, if that date changes, we send an email to you each with an update as to when we expect to ship your order.  Our goal is to make sure you are always informed with the latest information.  So, you can expect for your entire order to ship when the item with the  latest ship date arrives.

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