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Authorized DealersUpdated a year ago

Veer has hundreds of authorized dealers around the world who can help you choose what Veer gear is best for you.

Flagship Dealers

In the USA and Canada, Veer's Flagship Dealer network is made up of well established, highly respected boutiques that carry a broad selection of Switchback, Cruiser and Basecamp products on display and in stock.  Their teams are highly trained on the use of Veer products and can help you make the most of your Veer gear.

You can find flagship dealers by searching our Dealer Network.

Authorized Dealers

In the USA, Canada and around the world, Veer has hundreds of authorized dealers to choose from.  Search our Dealer Network to find one near you.


In the US, Veer Cruisers is the only authorized seller on Amazon.  In Canada, all of our authorized dealers are authorized to sell on Amazon.  

Purchasing from Authorized Dealers

It is always recommended to purchase your Veer gear from an authorized dealer.  This ensures the authenticity of your product, activates your warranty and provides an excellent local resource to help you properly take advantage of your Veer gear over many years.  Buying local also supports your local community as well!

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